DoodleJam Creative Corporate Team Building is a Basic Human Instinct.

Has corporate team building become ‘wanky and contrived?’ The article below suggests that it has:–what-20130130-2djnv.html

DoodleJam  corporate team building and conference ice-breakers, operating presently in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, are designed to tap into a basic human instinct. As humans, we naturally communicate by doodling symbols and images; to ‘simplify the complex’ and to ‘explain the misunderstood’. The ubiquitous corporate training room ‘whiteboard’ exist in the business environment for this reason.

When we facilitate a DoodleJam conference ice-breaker, a team building workshop, a Christmas office party or a corporate fundraising event we inject a vibrancy into the basic human instinct of communication using symbols and images. We replace the cave wall with a canvas and ask the corporate ‘tribe’ to express a common theme i.e what motivate participants, their core values, how they want their customers to feel etc. Once we break through the misconception that you require some kind of God given artistic talent to doodle, the barriers are down and it becomes a very bonding, fulfilling and fun experience for all involved. It certainly is not ‘wanky and contrived’……or we promise you your money back.

DoodleJam “ Anybody Can Doodle!” – “ Unique, Meaningful, Memorable and Entertaining Group Events” – for “creative corporate team building Sydney” “brainstorming” “conference ice breaker” “wedding reception” “corporate parties” “fundraising” and other “corporate event entertainment Melbourne”,  Brisbane, Sydney, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. Boosting employee satisfaction and inspiring business innovation.
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