Dont Judge My Doodle!

What is Art? People have debated this question for centuries and have tried to rationalise the answer. May be Art was never meant to be rationionised or labelled. I belief we have tried to pigeon hole a basic form of human communication into some kind of skill that we judge, rate and value. I cant change peoples beliefs about Art but I can change my own perception;

“Doodling is not Art, anyone can doodle and there is no such thing as a bad doodle.”

The above statement allows people, who are judged as being crap at ‘Art’, to have a crack at ‘Doodling’ without fear of judgement.

Take a look at this awesome doodle called “Directions in Time”. You can hear the young mans audio description by clicking the picture, then the audio description icon (below the painting):

DoodleJam - Directions in Time 18"x18" Doodle

DoodleJam “a frame of mind” – “ Meaningful and Memorable Group Events” – for “team building” “brainstorming” “ice breaker” “wedding reception” “party” “fundraising” and other “creative group events”. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Maleny and Gold Coast.

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