The Best Place to Work in Australia?

The BRW Best Places to Work survey, conducted in partnership with the Great Place to Work Institute, this year surveyed 207 companies and 55,400 of their employees. It asked the extent to which employees trust their leaders, have pride in what they do and enjoy the people they work with. Management of the companies also did a “culture audit”, that evaluated the devotion of leaders to improving their workplaces.

Google Australia came out on top thanks largely to its workplace innovations, such as the 10 per cent of time its employees can spend pursuing their own projects. Recognition of employees’ personal and professional worth, a sense of community and pride in being associated with the company were also important factors. (The above was originally PUBLISHED : 22 Jun 2011 14:36:42 | Michael Bailey)

“I am convinced that if we move to a community (“tribal”) based work place, focused on the “we” rather than the “me”, the benefits would be significant; increase in productivity, innovation, loyalty and happiness” say’s Paul Francis of DoodleJam.

Some of Googles “tribal” secrets are:

- Staff are provided 10% of personal time to perusing their own projects = innovation and trust (I am trusted to discover new skills, horizons and food sources).

- Recognition of personal and professional worth = self-esteem (I am useful to the tribe and contribute to its existence).

- A sense of community =  personal security (safety in numbers reduces anxiety and depression within the tribe).

- Company pride – loyalty and comradery (individual and tribal success benefits all – we all get to eat!)

DoodleJam “Tribal” Team Building Session covers all of the above points in a humorous and thought provoking presentation, together with a tribal expression (tribal bonding) in the form of a group painting;

Apple (Asia) Pty Ltd – Conference Ice-Breaker


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