The “Key” to Love on Facebook

Ever wanted to post a “heart” symbol ♥ on Facebook, rather than type a lengthy text? Well here’s how:

To display the heart symbol on Facebook etc:

PC version -> PRESS the “ALT” button and “3″ together (type the “3″ from the number keypad of the keyboard, usually on the RHS)

I ♥ the power of symbols!

Alt code Symbol


What heart symbol means

I think, everybody who ever fell in love knows that it gives a strong feeling of harmony. Of calming safety and satisfaction. You feel as if you have ultimately found the right person you can share your life with.

And, somehow, this feeling is most present in your very heart.

This is the key to why heart symbol is so popular. Just like with emoticons, we share our feelings in this way. Not everything can be explained with plain text. But.. Thanks to heart sign, we can partially express our love

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