Female Sex Symbol

This the sign for Venus, the planet, our closest neighbour in the planetary system apart from the moon. In Greece the planet was associated with Aphrodite and Athena. In the Roman Empire it was associated with Venus, and in the Phoenician Empire with Astarte. Earlier, in the Euphrates-Tigris region, it was associated with Inanna (later Ishtar). The symbol representing all three, Innanna-Ishtar-Astarte, is the eightpointed star sign

The planet 41a07 was worshipped by all peoples and cultures of antiquity as the divinity of fertility, the goddess of war, beauty, and love. In its role as the goddess of war and fertility it is associated with the Morning star. In its role as the divinity of sexual love it is associated with the Evening star. In the cradle of our culture, ancient Greece, it was not realized until around 500 B.C. that these two stars were one and the same heavenly body. The use of this sign, however, has not always been consistent. During the eighteenth century it was sometimes used to signify mercury.

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