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The Divided Brain – have humans forgotten their effortless gift?

“The INTUITIVE mind is a SACRED GIFT….and the RATIONAL mind is a FAITHFUL SERVANT”……………”We have created a SOCIETY that honour the  SERVANT but has forgotten the GIFT”..Einstein. An inspirational and in-depth talk explained using a very refreshing visual technique – “ANIMATED DOODLES”. The following video, by RSA animate, explains the … Continue reading

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$90,000 from selling doodles!

There is not doubting that Silvester Stallone is a movie icon. First Blood (1982) and Rocky (1977) are classic block busters. What some people may not realise is that Stalone is a very talented part-time “doodler”. He is now making extremely good … Continue reading

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The Father of Globalisation? – Malcolm McLean’s Story Using Doodles

Doodling Animation is very powerful way to tell a story on video. It would be a very refreshing way to educate our children on subjects such as history and geography. Below is a fantastic example of Doodling Animation, a video clip explaining Malcolm … Continue reading

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